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V6 - Sakkaku's Experimental Crystal
(実験浄玻璃の錯覚 - Jikken Jouhari no Sakkaku)

We All Deserve A Pizza Party After This Year [December 15, 2023]
Hello everyone. 2023 has been: A Year. I certainly hope it's been better for all of you. Time has gone by in the blink of an eye and I can't believe it's nearly 2024 already.

Boy, I don't know where to start... Well, actually, here's a good first note: I lost access to my Twitter back when it... "changed hands". I couldn't log in anymore and eventually, all my cached logins just stopped working, so I was left just kinda... in the air. Still can't access my account, and frankly, I just don't want to. I was never really on there much, I only had the account because everyone else had one. I actually had a personal Twitter and a site Twitter.

Back in July was the first big event. Our beloved cat of 15 years, Ichigo, passed away. It was difficult, and it was also Loki's first real loss of a companion animal, so it hit him particularly hard.

I was just beginning to feel like I was recovering from that at the end of August. At the beginning of September, my mother passed away quite suddenly. I had to go across the country to handle that for nearly a month. I'm extremely grateful for all the help our friends and his family gave us during that time. Thank you all so very much. ❤ At the same time; in FFXIV; my Main Static dissolved, and my Alt Static went on hiatus, so I had little to come back to after all that. It was difficult to deal with, and still is; the holidays are proving to be very rough. Though, some good news: We have inherited two lovely girl kitties from my late mother, who are now part of our family. ♪

This all impacts the site a bit, as the PayPal I have been using for over 20 years was my mother's due to circumstances. With her recent passing, I have had to close that account and make a new one. It unfortunately locked the username "RobynMarkius", so my new PayPal.me link is now "ShadowSenshi". I've updated the link in the navigation. Oh! And I finally got the "display most recent video from YouTube" to actually automatically pull the most recent upload rather than making me have to update it manually. So happy for that.

☾ Have a wonderful Holiday Season and please take care of yourselves. ❤


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