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Some Basic Fiction Information
•Sailor Moon fics were written as taking place after Sailor Moon R, as that was all that we had seen at the time. Even after seeing the rest of the series, we left it as it was. The new fictions with the Knights was going to be an attemot to reset the timeline to make sense again, as well as resetting to using the Japanese names of the characters since there had been lots of confusion. As of 05/2020, those fics are still all on an external HD in fragments and random chapters, not published. Not for lack of want, just lack of... inspiration and motivation. ; 3;

•Digimon fics were my attempt to write something in the Frontier Timeline, but Loki and I are part of a Digimon RPG, so we have some stuff from there as well we might post up outside the RP Board. :3

•Rockman.EXE fics were little side-stories. I never finished the stories and I admit I feel bad, but at this point, I can't recall the story I had in mind to finish any of them. I had an OC for that universe, but I never really wrote much for her and her Navi in that universe. They now exist in the Digimon RP Universe as Tamer and Digimon. ^_^;

•Legend of Zelda fics, at present, are just the crossover I wrote for the SM Fics. I did begin writing the script for a Doujinshi, but reading back over it years later, I really don't like it as much as I used to. I like my basis and concept, but things feel weird now that I know the official timeline and don't make as much sense as they could if I revamped the setup. Characters still work, but not the story as much. I could say 'screw the timelines!' but that doesn't feel right to me as a huge Zelda nerd. ^_^;

•Final Fantasy XIV, I didn't think I'd get into enough to write about, but I love the world, the story, my Warrior of Light and the whole story I built around him. I have other characters too, who all have stories. I really like it. I do feel a bit awkward RPing with people in game, especially if I don't know you that well and I definitely feel awkward outside of a party chat or linkshell. I enjoy the RP with friends on a Discord Server we have going. The canon is post Patch 5.0/Post-Shadowbringers, and we are actually publishing iton AO3 as we edit the RP together into a (mostly) coherent narrative. I may post it here on the website too, but for now, it's on the Shard Weavers [Tumblr] and our group [Archive of Our Own] if you're interested in reading that. :3 Links open in new windows for you. I also post the new chapters on my [Tumblr for Angel], and post other things from 14 there too :D.